Everything My Restaurant Needs to run and grow effectively and affordably.

  • Modern Restaurant Websites
  • Simple & Fast Website Online Ordering
  • 360° Restaurant Marketing Solution
  • Cutting Edge Restaurant POS System
  • Powerful Customer Loyalty Program
  • Easy-To-Use Text Message Marketing Platform
  • Dedicated Marketing Executive and Creative Team

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Beautiful Websites specifically engineered to drive conversions.

Powerfully modern websites

Our restaurant websites are powered by UXi™ Web Technology and designed by our world-class professional designers. This allows the design to positively adapt and evolve to the traffic so you get more people in your restaurant and more online orders. Watch the video to learn more.

The Best Restaurant Marketing Solution to get customers in your doors and keep them coming back for more.

Our 360 degree digital inbound marketing solution will increase your local awareness and keep you at the top of customer's minds. Our solution will increase your sales and build your restaurant's brand. Your return on investment is unmatched. Watch the video to learn more.

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State Of The Art Point Of Sale an efficient and simple, stylish and smart iPad POS

Designed specifically for the food and beverage service industry, our wireless restaurant POS system makes restaurant management as easy and efficient and possible. Tableside ordering and payment processing are fast and convenient when using our combination of secure cloud data access, wireless technologies, and sleek touchscreen interface powered by Lavu POS.

It starts with placing an order with our easy-to-use touchscreen interface on any Apple iPod touch®, iPad® or iPhone® mobile digital device. Using our cloud-based system, which features PCI-compliant gateways and devices, the order is automatically sent to the back of the house and printed wirelessly, greatly reducing the time it takes for customers to get their order and increasing the time your service staff can spend with guests.

In addition to saving you time and increasing guest satisfaction, the system allows you to view End of Day, Sales by Category/Item, and inventory tracking and management reports via remote access through our iPad Restaurant POS System or on any other Apple mobile device, anywhere. From there, you can also easily upload these reports to your accounting software.


  • Specific Multi-Room Table Layout
  • Integrated PCI Compliant Gateways and Devices
  • Easy-Split Checks Access
  • Dedicated Lavu Support
  • Employee Timecards
  • Seat and Course Numbering
  • Multi-Printer Order Routing
  • Customer Email Tracking
  • Remote Backend Office (Windows or Mac)
  • Standardized, Exportable Reports
  • Inventory Management

Online Ordering Increase sales with your online menu.

1 Place Online Order

Customers will come to your website and browse through your online menu. They will have the ability to select items that appeal to their taste. Then, they can select a time best for either delivery or pickup.

2 Receive Order

The store will be notified that an online order has been placed. The order will be held until it reaches prep time. The order is then sent to the kitchen for prep.

3 Order Is Ready For Delivery or Pickup

The order is completed and ready for delivery or pickup. The system captures the customer’s email to be used for future orders and/or promotions.

A Restaurant Solution with everything but the kitchen sink, literally.

By syncing your online menu to the iPad point of sale (POS) app, you control all of your menu items from one single location. When you offer a new dish or update pricing to your restaurant's menu, you can see the changes to your online menu instantaneously.

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